Handling Questions

Be Realistic, Know Your Limits and Look Investors in the Eyes!

When presenting your investment proposition try to think conservatively about the value of your company, it’s growth potential and the timeline to achieve this. Making a company successful is as much about the individuals driving the company as it is about having a great product and sufficient cash flow. Think about the skills and experience that would add value to your company when looking at target investors.

– Research how much time you will have to pitch
– Keep it simple: avoid jargon and acronyms
– Make it look good – this is your chance to stand out from the crowd
– Practice makes perfect – rehearse your presentation before pitching
– Answer questions slowly, give yourself time to elaborate answering

Managing Q&A

Many people worry unnecessarily about asking an audience if they have any questions after the presentation. Often this is because of a fear that the audience will be hostile or that they may not be able to answer the question. If you do not know the answer, admit it – but promise to find out and to circulate a detailed answer, explaining that this is a complex issue and needs further thought.

Abbie Harris