Enterprise Panel Judges

The judging panel features a collection of the Sussex’s leading entrepreneurs across a range of industries – many of whom have brought business strategies to their respective organisations in recent years, and know first-hand what it takes to be a truly innovative business in the local region.

We would like to thank our judges for kindly giving their dedication and expertise.

The first person to join The Tiger’s Pen as an investor on this journey was Simon Rand – Thank you.

Executive Biography

Simon Rand brings strategic focus, vision, leadership and enthusiasm gained from a successful career in creating start-up companies and building them to a profitable and highly productive level within a few years of launch. Leveraging Sales, training, people management skills with a passion for embracing new ideas and technologies, which can improve the efficiency and success of the company and ultimately its profitability.

Simon’s career has been spent mainly in the Energy and Hospitality sectors with a move now towards Technology. A key part of success in these industries has also been learning how to deal with failures and to take the learning’s from them and stay focused on the end goals.

Simon’s vision to find ways of breaking into established markets and to help lead the way in an emerging market helps him stand out as a true entrepreneur with a passion for achieving success. This success has always been achieved with Integrity and also with the success being shared with key members of the team being recognised for the skills and successes they also bring.

Past Businesses

• Sold my first start up company at 22 years old
• Consulted to Sales & Marketing companies for 10 years
• Started an Energy Brokerage, Business Advisory Service Ltd which was sold in 2012 for £8m
• Owned a Restaurant in Cobham from 2014 to 2016
• Started another Energy Brokerage in 2016 with previous team, Smarter Business Ltd with revenues over £20m
• Exited Smarter Business July 2019
• Founder of Newtryx Ltd which launched in Autumn 2019
• Founder of Kuuleats Ltd and Kuuleats Local which launched in March 2020

Simon Rand